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TradeIn is the only fintech and insurtech that offers 100% digitalized credit insurance against the risk of non-payment in real time and solutions for financing your cash flow.

We offer a collaborative platform for instant assessment of business creditworthiness and payment risk management.

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the first 100% digital insurance against non-payment risks insured by Euler Hermes!

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Compliance and safety are at the heart of our technology

Our information is anonymous, time-stamped and secure.

Our data processing processes comply with the requirements of the DPGR regulations.

ORIAS N°18 005 674

They support us


  • Anticipate cash flow needs thanks to real-time knowledge of your customers' solvency.
  • Manage your outstanding receivables with your dashboard.
  • Edit your invoices with payment links via the platform.


  • Access to a financial database of over 200 million companies in Europe updated in real time.
  • Assess the creditworthiness of your (future) suppliers in real time with alerts on their finances and payment behaviour.
  • SAPIN II compliance: Assess the corruption risk of your potential suppliers to avoid reputational risk.


  • Have access to your financial resources in real time.
  • Easily manage your cash flow thanks to a consolidated bank view (bank balance, disbursements and receipts).
  • Predict your cash flow dates and working capital requirements.

Control and improve your cash flow