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Ténor Group and TradeIn announce partnership to facilitate business risk management

The Ténor Group and TradeIn have joined forces to form a partnership based on the Divalto Infinity solution and the tool developed by TradeIn. 

The aim is to combine the expertise of the Ténor Group, a major player in the digital transformation of companies, with the technological innovation of TradeIn, the first comprehensive collaborative platform for risk management.

A win-win partnership

This partnership allows Ténor Group, the leading integrator of Divalto solutions, to offer the TradeIn platform to Divalto users. They will thus be able to easily access all the customer risk management functions. Whether it be the prevention of non-payment, credit management, credit insurance or financing solutions.

For TradeIn, this partnership allows it to develop in a new market and to increase its reputation among Divalto users. 


This alliance offers a major innovation and meets the security needs of their respective customers. 


For Jean-Cédric Bekale, CEO of TradeIn: "This partnership with the Ténor Group is strategic. It will allow us to gain a foothold in the software integrators, who are already in contact with clients upstream when they have to integrate an accounting system or an ERP for a client. In addition to the distribution channel that this provides us, this partnership will above all allow us to focus on our business, which is risk management."

Powerful tools for SMEs and SMIs

The Divalto ERP is a powerful management software dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses. Adaptable to the specific needs of customers, it also brings together all the tools required for the daily management of a company. 


Thanks to the connector developed by the Ténor Group teams, between the TradeIn solution and the Divalto tool, Divalto Infinity users will benefit from a complete tool for managing their business, as well as the automation of their data between the ERP and the TradeIn tool.

Thus, to ensure their sustainability, their clients will benefit from additional tools that allow them to visualise the payment behaviour of their customers and prospects. 


Nizar Alachbili, President of the Ténor Group explains: "With TradeIn, we have found the best European cash management and forecasting solution to offer our customers. 

The key is anticipation, forecasting and collaboration. On these three aspects, the TradeIn tools have taken a clear lead.

TradeIn tools have been integrated into our solutions to provide an innovative and powerful experience for Divalto users." 

A partnership that meets market expectations

The COVID-19 health crisis has not spared French companies. According to a survey by the CPME, 65% of companies experienced a drop in turnover as a result of this crisis. For 52% of them, this decline is reflected in a deterioration of their cash flow.

More than ever, companies feel the need to sustain themselves in order to move forward.


Nizar Alachbili, President of the Ténor Group confirms: "With the succession of crises, we have noticed that one of the major challenges for companies is to secure their cash flow.


The health crisis has also revealed a strong need for digital transformation among French companies. Together, the Ténor Group and TradeIn want to encourage these companies to become more digital. 

According to a recent McKinsey study, 55% of customer interactions are now digital in Europe. This proves that companies need to accelerate the use of digital tools in order to remain competitive. The partnership between the Ténor Group and TradeIn aims to facilitate customer risk management via the Divalto Infinity management tool.


"We are very pleased with this partnership. It is important at the operational level because it allows us to deploy our solution and a connector to the Divalto billing tool and CRM. This will allow customers using Divalto to benefit from TradeIn's rich customer risk management solutions," concludes Jack-Hermann Ntoko, COO of TradeIn.

About TradeIn:

TradeIn is a fintech that publishes a solution for evaluating the payment behaviour of B2B customers. It is the first complete offer to support SMEs on the customer risk management value chain. The company offers a solution for preventing the payment behaviour of its customers, a rapid credit insurance service and an optimised financing solution. TradeIn has a SaaS solution based on Artificial Intelligence and Private Blockchain technologies that ensures the anonymity and security of data in France and abroad.

TradeIn is an innovative company with the French Tech Seed and Finance Innovation labels.

More information:

www.tradeinsur.com - Twitter: @TradeInOfficial - Linkedin: TradeIn - Media Kit: link

Media contact:

Imane Moustakir | imane@tradeinsur.com | +33 7 58 29 92 64

About the Ténor Group:

Present throughout France and internationally, the Ténor Group has rapidly Group has rapidly established itself as a major player in the digital transformation transformation of companies. The Ténor Group's offerings meet the growth and performance issues that guarantee the competitiveness of competitiveness of companies.

Since its creation, the vocation of the Ténor Group has been to accelerate the diffusion of digital progress in organisations in order to gain sustainable competitiveness, attract the best talents in the market while
pursuing its development in France and internationally.

More information:

www.groupetenor.com- Twitter: @Groupetenor - Linkedin: Groupe Ténor

Media contact:

Léa BAUQUIER | l.bauquier@groupetenor.com | 06 99 17 04 44

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