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Reduce your payment delay.


Instant evaluation of the payment behaviour of your prospects and customers thanks to the pooling of information from more than 8 million companies.


They trust us


Instant accuracy for your cash flow


Commercial Prospecting

Functionality adapted to sales teams

  • Instant financial information
  • Evaluation of payment behaviour
  • Corporate information reports


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Outstanding Amounts Management

Functionality adapted to customer credit management teams

  • Automation of billing management
  • Instant update of payment behaviour
  • Monitoring the risk of non-payment

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Cash Management

Functionality adapted to financial management teams

  • Automation of cash flow forecasts
  • Personalized action plan
  • Consolidation of cash flows into multiple bank accounts


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A cash-focused collaborative tool at the heart of your processes



Control your ability to finance the development of your business. Make the right decisions with regard to your customers.

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Anticipate the solvency and payment behaviour of your customers and prospects. Optimize your prospecting strategy and customer follow-up.

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Reduce your payment deadlines and automate the management of your outstanding receivables.
Become proactive in your cash management

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Via an API connection, automate the management of your B2B customer's receivables.
Simplify your recovery and collection plans.

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15 days free trial! Why wait?

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TradeIn Mobile App

Customer risk management at your fingertips

Real-time cash management and forecasting tool integrating real-time update of customers' payment behaviour towards other companies on the market


Say goodbye to difficulties in connecting your tools

An easy connection to your accounting tools

By securely connecting your accounting tools to TradeIn, you can automate the monitoring of the risks of unpaid invoices, reminders from your customers and the collection of your invoices.

A secure connection to your bank accounts

By simply connecting your bank accounts to TradeIn, you automate the update and real-time monitoring of your cash flow.
Connection to more than 125 European banks...


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Our Ecosystem


Compliance and safety at the heart of our technology

Our information is anonymous, time-stamped and secure.

Our data processing processes comply with the requirements of the DPGR regulations.

ORIAS N°18 005 674


The benefits

  • You have better control of your cash flow
  • You better anticipate your cash flow difficulties
  • You adapt and automate your reminders and collections
  • You have a simplified and optimized access to financing


The benefits

  • You avoid bad payers
  • You optimize your commercial activity
  • You control the payment term of your customers
  • You improve your cash flow
  • You create synergy in your company


The benefits

  • You reduce your customer management costs
  • You reduce customer payment delays
  • You improve your cash flow
  • Your teams improve their operational performance